The AFPA Team consists of three physicians, one nurse practitioner, one podiatrist, one mental health counsellor and three administration.

Dr. Ken Buchholz:  Primary Health Care Physician in Annapolis Royal for 35+ years, Physician Advisor to Minister of Health 2007-2010, Preceptor/Teacher for Medical Learners, Resident Physician for Annapolis Royal Nursing Home. Founder and CEO of AFPA.

Dr. Alban Comeau: Primary Health Care Physician for 40+ years, WCB Enhanced Physician Services, Pain Clinic. Joined AFPA Team January 2020.

Dr. Christopher Stone: Primary Health Care Physician, Methadone Clinic, Completed Residency at AFPA, Joined AFPA Team 2021.

Kamil Baran: Nurse Practitioner, Primary Health Care, Bear River First Nations Clinic, Joined AFPA Team January 2020.

Caroline Leverett: Podiatrist, Diabetic Foot Care Clinic at Annapolis Community Health Centre, Joined AFPA Team in 2018.

Angela Ring: Mental Health Counsellor, Social Worker. Joined AFPA Team 2020.

Susan Hay: AFPA Office Manager for 30 + years, nursing background, 5 years as administrative assistant to the Annapolis Collaborative group of physicians.

Erin Pinsent: administrative assistant/receptionist, information technology background, 20+ years customer service experience, joined AFPA January 2021

Jolene Buchholz:  CFO, part-time admin assistant.